Owning a pool is a huge responsibility. No matter what type of pool you have from simple to exotic they all require proper maintenance in order to operate effectively and efficiently. There are many facets to proper maintenance and safe operation. Unfortunately many pool service providers are simply in it for the money and not necessarily protecting your investment or your exposure. If you want the cheapest price for weekly service you will most likely pay dearly in the long run. Now I am not saying every pool person is bad or lacks experience, I am saying that you generally get what you pay for. Improper water chemistry can not only degrade and stain your pool interior it can also severely damage and reduce the life expectancy of your equipment. 3 months of acidic conditions can take 3 years of the life of your heater core. Not to mention most home warranties will not cover the replacement if they can get out of it due to the “chemical and ph damage” clause.

Let’s look at the numbers. You found a pool service company that gave you a sweet deal on service for your pool and spa. Problem is they can’t afford to use the metal removers, enzyme additives, calcium de-scalers or phosphate removal products that Pool Paramedics will use for 20 dollars more per month. 12 to 18 months later you will begin to see the effects of poor water maintenance such as metal stains, yellow and black algae, cloudy water, itching skin, red irritated eyes, chemical odors and foaming water. You will begin to complain to your service person and they will say, “You need to drain and acid wash the pool.” (there is a need for this service occasionally and if it has been recommended or you are considering it please get a FREE second opinion from Pool Paramedics.) So you follow the advice and let the same person that neglected your pool drain and acid wash your plaster.

Here is the problem. Acid washing should be a last resort for your pool especially if it has a plaster or quartz plaster interior. Acid washing etches away the top layer of the plaster which is the soft smooth easy to clean and brush finish you enjoy in a new pool. Once it has been etched you will notice a much rougher finish that is now more prone to algae growth, staining and the dreaded strawberries on your feet when playing in the pool. Acid washes remove years of use from your pools interior or decades depending on the experience of applicator. A properly maintained plaster pool can give you up to 20 years of service before a re-plaster is necessary.

So lets do the math.

Option A – The cheap service. You drain and acid wash your pool every 2 years due to negligent service. They charge you 400 bucks and take 4 to 5 years off the life of your plaster. 6 to 10 years later you need a complete re-plaster and a re-tile because acid washes not only etch away the plaster it also eats the grout from between the tiles and they fall off. This currently costs around $6000.00 plus lets say four acid washes @ $400.00 each that totals $7600.00. Lets say that process takes 10 years that  is $760.00 dollars per year or an additional 63 dollars per month over and above the cost of monthly service.

Option B – Pool Paramedics Weekly Service. Our premium service will maintain low phosphate levels, remove non-living organic contaminants, control metal levels and calcium scale with sequestering additives providing crystal clear sparkling pool water with minimal stress on equipment and interior surfaces. Our services help get the full life expectancy from your plaster interior. Draining is a necessary procedure in Las Vegas due to the hardness of our water from the tap. This needs to be done every 3 to 4 seasons depending on the rate of water evaporation from your pool. We charge $150.00 to drain a typical pool. Lets say we need to drain your pool 3 times in 10 years and you pay an extra $20.00 per month for our premium service. That totals $2850.00 over a 10 year period or $285.00 per year or 23.75 per month. Your cost of ownership just went down $40.00 per month which is considerably less cost even though you invested more for monthly service.

The moral of the story. You can’t afford a deal on your pool service. You need Pool Paramedics to care for your investment with the highest quality products and service. Contact us today and get a FREE quote for your pool service and any necessary repairs today.

In Service,

The Pool Paramedics Team

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