We are usually asked about:

What do you do when you service a pool?

The service includes:

  • brushing the tile, benches and walls
  • removing the debris from the skimmer and pump baskets
  • test water chemistry
  • add chemicals as needed
  • visually inspect equipment and water level
  • bleed air from filter
  • vacuum pool if needed
  • clean filters as needed

What about my pets?

We have pets too and we know how important they are to you. We take every precaution to make sure the gates are closed during the cleaning process and also when we leave the property. We will notify you and also offer handyman service to repair any faulty gates. This protects you from litigation and your pet from being lost.

Do you work on Holidays?

We all love to enjoy holidays and long weekends. We will usually adjust schedules for the Federally observed holidays. This ensures your privacy will be honored and we can all get some precious time with family and friends.

What if I need you to make an additional cleaning?

If you need an emergency visit for cleaning such as a Birthday party or to clean up broken glass in the pool we typically charge an additional 25% of your monthly service per occurrence.

What does "good working order" mean?

A pool in good working order means that the equipment, plumbing and cleaning system are all functioning as designed. The skimmer weir door is in place and the pool is running at least 1 hour for each 10 degrees of average daily temperature.

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  • We have been in our house for over 30 years and have experienced multiple pool service companies. No one compares to the level of professionalism and service that your company has provided. Our pool and spa is gorgeous and the repairs you have done are working perfectly. We are recommending Pool Paramedics to everyone! Thank You!
    Harold & Betty R ~ Las Vegas, NV

Our skills:

Weekly Service 20+ Years
Equipment Repairs 15+ Years
Pool Remodeling 10+ Years
3D Pool Designs & Plans 7+ Years

Key services:

Weekly Pool Service

Reliable and experienced weekly chemical and equipment maintenance. All you do is swim!

Equipment Repairs

Experience prompt and honest repairs with exceptional attention to detail.

Draining & Acid Washing

Our unique process makes your pool look brand new without excessive damage to the plaster.

Pool & Spa Remodeling

We can refer you to the best contractors in the business.

3D Pool & Spa Designs

Consult with us on your next owner builder pool & spa design.

NV Energy Rebate Partner

We offer an instant NV Energy rebate on new variable speed pumps!