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To help you save energy and lower your energy bills NV Energy is offering an instant rebate of $250 when you upgrade your old pool pump with a new qualifying variable speed pool pump.

Pool Paramedics is proud to partner with NV Energy as a program participant to help conserve energy. Technology is always improving and the new variable speed swimming pool pumps are simply amazing. There are many benefits to upgrading your system to a new variable speed pump.

  • Save up to 90% over traditional pool pumps

  • Super quiet, you may not even know its on!

  • Brushless motor lasts longer and runs cooler

  • Built in freeze protection sensor

  • Built in Priming Sensor – No more melted impellers

  • Built in surge protection to protect the system

  • Multiple time and speed programs

  • Better filtration and water clarity

  • Reduced speeds lower stress on heater cores and filters

  • Works with most all automated controls

  • We look forward to helping you save money and energy with a new variable speed pump installation!

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    Weekly service is a must to maintain the quality and clarity of your pool. Our normal price for full service is $1.25 per total perimeter foot of the pool and spa if equipped. An 80 perimeter pool and spa would be $100.00. External factors may increase pricing such as, swimmer load, landscaping, rock features, depths over 6 feet, in-floor cleaning systems, suction robotic cleaners or the absence of a cleaning system.

    Our Weekly Service Includes:

    • Water Testing
    • Phosphate Testing
    • Chemical Balancing
    • PH Balancing
    • Cyanauric Acid Testing
    • Hardness Teating
    • Alkalinity
    • Skim Surface
    • Vacuum if Needed
    • Empty All Baskets
    • Brush Steps & Benches
    • Brush Tiles & Walls as Needed
    • Filter Cleaning as Needed

    Extras Charges:

    • Salt for Salt Systems
    • D.E. Systems
    • Phosphate Removal
    • Treating Existing Algae
    • Broken Baskets
    • Broken Auto-fills
    • Any Repairs


    • Pool timer must be functional
    • Pool must run at least 1 hour for each ten degrees of average air temperature
    • Floating toys should be removed after using them in pool. (they can clog the skimmer and reduce circulation)

    Replacing old worn out equipment with new energy efficient pumps is our specialty. We can save you up to 90% off your energy consumption and you can barely tell these new pumps are running.

    We can replace filters, lights, pumps, heaters


    Draining and Acid washing a pool is a last resort method of pool clean-up. Acid washing takes years off the life of your plaster and we only recommend it in extreme cases. Most of the time regular water draining when the hardness reaches prohibitive levels and chemical descaling during the winter months will save you money in the long run. Read this article from our blog to learn more about the costs of discount pool services.

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